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           Combat Action              Korean Campaign               United Nations                  Navy Occupation                 Nat'l Defense                 Korean War Medal        American Defense       







          3 Inch on the Bow                   Twin 40 mm - Starboard side         Twin 20 mm -Starboard side





Earl  (Rick) Richard YNSN  (below at age 19)

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Photos of Rick Richard taken on board the USS Pirate.



                   Relaxing for the afternoon                         On a small ship we shared the duties


Some Photos of other crew members.

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LTjg Henry Davies  XO on the Pirate 

Henry Davies retired as a Captain

   Henry Davies XO.jpg (40299 bytes)

Captain Harry Davies  (2005)


                     Dave_Schoonen.jpg (46058 bytes)                Toni_Donatelli_rev.jpg (44991 bytes)         

                 YN2 Dave Schoonen (1950)                SN  Tony Donatelli  (1950)




           Tony Donatelli (1999)                            SN  Art Marden   (2001)                         ET2  Herm Sloan  (2001)               

                                                                              (Herm Sloan retired as a Lieutenant)

                                                                                                         (Herm Passed away in 2004)


Below photo shows three Pirate Crew members meeting at a Naval Mine Warfare Convention in Buffalo NY  9/2001

 Pirate Crew Members-2001.jpg (69835 bytes)  

Rick Richard, Art Marden and Herm Sloan 



Below is a photo of the Japanese yen used in the 1950's


                                           Front side                                                             Back Side   



Below is a copy of the Military Payment Certificate used during the 1950's  

Front of Certificate     Chart shows Exchange Rate  Dollar to Yen  



Back of Certificate




Below photo shows the explosion from a depth charge estimated to be 600 lbs of TNT

The Russian made mine that struck the Pirate was estimated to have 1200 lbs of TNT according to reports I received.  


The below photos were submitted by Navy Frogman Phil Carrico who was in Wanson harbor at that time.

 Check his entry in the "Guestbook" for more information on what these Frogmen saw that day 


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